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Rick Prevost

If there is a song you want to hear, just ask Rick Prevost. Even if he isn’t familiar with the song, hum a few bars and he’ll be playing that favourite tune for you in no time. Include that with the long list of his original tunes and it won’t take you long to see why Rick is a sought after musician.

So how do these things set him apart from other musicians-for-hire? He says “The sheer volume of songs that I can perform at your function will be sure to hit a chord with any audience”. This includes all age groups, as Rick writes both contemporary music as well as children’s songs.

Rick is proud to share where his musical inspiration started from-right at home. Having a father who played often at home, with a guitar that sat in the living room, his dad performed for family and friends right in there home. Since the guitar was always accessible, Rick picked it up and began playing it at the young age of 6. To this day, you’ll find an array of beautiful stringed instruments, proudly sitting in his family’s home. You will also find Rick performing with his own band, Roots. When writing music, Rick is strongly influenced by vocal groups that harmonize well. He appreciates melodic songs that make the listener feel good inside, and tries to emulate that kind of style in his own writing. “There are so many ways to express oneself. Music should be one of those positive styles of expression."

Rick is available to be hired as a musical performer for many different styles of venues. In the past he has performed at weddings, graduations, funerals, and at children’s venues such as at daycares, schools, for birthday parties or at festivals. He wants people to know that he is a born entertainer who strives to leave the audience encouraged, moved and touched, so they will walk away with a smile and great memories of a heartfelt performance.

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